What Are The Best Bass Fishing Lures

I am often asked what lures do you consider to be the best bass fishing lures. There is no simple answer to that question. So in this article I will cover one type of lure that has been responsible for consistently putting bass in the boat, on the days when bass seem to have lock-jaw. That makes this type of lure on of my all time best bass lure.

Soft plastic worms and creature baits

The options for soft plastics and methods for fishing them, have evolved into much more than any one article can cover. Since I am the kind of person that likes keeping it simple I will cover just two rigs and some tweeks you can use to catch bass in any situation. These two rigs can be modified to fish most situations, and work well with most of today’s soft plastics.

The first is the Texas rig

Remember this is finesse fishing, not power fishing. This is a slower presentation and works well when nothing else is working

 photo 15TexasRig.jpg

The above chart shows how to Texas rig a worm. When rigged correctly the worm will be straight and the point of the hook will be buried just under the surface of the worm. Texas rigging a worm makes it almost weedless, and will come through almost any cover without snagging. You can fish this rig very tight to rocks, logs, trees, stumps and weeds, making it very effective on inactive bass that will not feed on any thing else.

The second is a Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig starts with a Texas rig. Tie the Texas rig then move about 18 inches up the line and cut it. Slide an egg slip sinker and then a glass bead onto the line going back to your reel. Finish be tying a swivel between the two sections of line

The Carolina rig is great for covering deeper cover, and by adding the glass bead, you add sound. The noise made by the slip sinker hitting the glass bead imitates the sound made by crawdads moving on the bottom. This sound will cause the bass to swallow the soft plastic offering.

Baits to Use

Above are three of my all time favorite soft plastic baits, they are:

  • TOP creature baits, zoom baby brush hog
  • MIDDLE 6 inch lizzard
  • Bottom Zoom trick worm

You can fish almost any soft plastic with the two rigs mentioned, just remember to fish them slow when the bass have lockjaw

My favorite ways to fish the two rigs

  • Texas rig: Use a polamar knot and attach a 5/0 offset worm hook, and rig a 6 or 8 inch Zoom trick worm Texas style. Fish this with no weight over submerged weeds or brush piles. Retrieve the worm with short jerks to give it a side to side action.
  • Texas rig: Add a split-shot about 8 inches above the worm when you need to fish the above rig deeper into the weeds. Again fish it with a few short jerks.
  • Texas rig: Add a sliding sinker called a bullet weight, to crawl the worm across the bottom. I fish this rig with a slow lift and wind retrieve. Use your rod by lifting it to drag the worm a short ways, then wind to pick up line as you drop the rod towards the water.
  • Texas rig: Add a bullet weight and place a split-shot just above the hook. Fish this rig with short jerks to cause the worm to jump off the bottom in short jumps. The bullet weight striking against the split-shot, will cause a sound like a crawfish.
  • Carolina Rig: The above rigs will work well from 1 to 10 feet deep, deeper than 10 feet the Carolina works well. Fish it by slowly lifting the rod and wind while dropping the rod down. Remember to fish it slow

A few things to keep in mind

You want to keep the slack out of you line, so you can feel a strike when it happens. The strike will sometimes be a tap, tap, tap sometimes a solid thud, and sometimes you will just feel extra weight.

Fish with your rod tip held high, when you feel a strike drop your rod down and reel until you feel a slight tension. Sweep your rod tip up quickly to set the hook.

Fish with soft plastics rigged Texas or Carolina, and you will find that with a few tweeks this is the most versatile method of catching bass. That combined with the fact that they will catch fish when nothing else will, makes them my best lures for catching bass.

As always feel free to leave comments, favorite recipes, or suggestions for future articles.

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2 thoughts on “What Are The Best Bass Fishing Lures

  1. I was never quite sure which of the methods was most effective. Thanks for the tips. I do have a question, though. Have you experienced any difference in bites depending on the three baits you listed?

    1. Good question. The bites can be more of a solid thud on the lizard and the brush hog as the bass seem to inhale them deeper. Fishing the floating worm the bite can be visual as the bass inhale it on or near the surface. Fishing the Texas rig with a bullet weight, the bite can be a light tapping and may take a little practice to distinguish between hitting the bottom and a bite. Thanks for the question Kyle I hope this helps

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