Early Spring Bass Fishing Tips

Early spring bass fishing When the daytime temperature reaches 60 degrees and warmer, the most exciting time for fishing of the year starts for me. Early spring bass fishing, for me is the greatest opportunity of the entire year to catch a truly trophy sized bass. In South Carolina, where I now live, by mid March I will fish for bass every chance I get. Let's take a look at what is going on. (more…)
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How To Find Fish

How To Find Fish The question I am asked most often is how do I find fish on a strange lake. Of course, I'm faced with this problem whenever I travel out of state to compete in a tournament. I always start my research for a new body of water online, fishing is not brain surgery, but if you do a little research before your trip you will find that your catches will improve. By typing the name of the lake or general area you want to fish into Google you can find out what species of fish are in that area, popular methods of catching them, and popular areas to fish. Look for fishing reports, websites by area guides, and lake maps to improve your odds of success. (more…)
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Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques

Live bait fishing tips

The best way for a beginning angler to assure success is to use live bait. Simply put you are going to put an item from a fishes every day menu directly in front of the fish and watch him eat. By learning to tie a few simple rigs you will be able to present a meal to a fish in a completely natural way. As you grow in experience you will be able to modify these simple rigs to catch any game fish anywhere. It is my experience that a plain earth worm or live minnow will catch most species of game fish in most bodies of water at any given time.
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Fishing tips for beginners

Just get out there and go fishing. When you love fishing as much as I do you look for any opportunity to fish even if it's just for a few minutes. Always remember a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work. My second tip would be to enjoy yourself. The following fishing tips for beginners may seem too simple for someone who already fishes, but they include some of the building blocks I have used for a lifetime of fishing. I've tried every new thing to come along for 50 years, but nothing replaces basic fishing skills. (more…)
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