My childhood home was two city blocks from the great Ohio river, so

Starting Them Early
Starting Them Early

you could say I learned to fish about the time I was learning to read and write.

Ohio River
Ohio Riverhave been fishing for more than fifty years now. Tournament fishing gets more physically demanding each year, so I find myself  moving more towards a teaching role. Fishing will always be a very big part of my life, but I seem to get more pleasure seeing my grandsons catch a fish than I do from winning another trophy.

So your first question is what qualifies me to teach. If you look at the photo of the Ohio river you will see that it is not what comes to mind when you think of a nice quiet fishing hole,but that was my first classroom. I caught my first channel catfish on the river and thousands more since. Then I heard of a fish called a BASS and I am sure that moment changed my life forever. From that moment on there was always something new to learn, a new species of fish, a new stream, lake or pond, and always changing conditions on the river. After fifty years of higher learning, I should have several masters degrees in fishing, If I would have spent that much study time in rocket science, I would be flying rockets for Nassa.

In the past 30 years  I can’t  think of very many days where I wasn’t fishing a tournament, preparing for a tournament, or getting together with the guys for some friendly competition. Now when I go fishing I spend more time answering questions from the grand boys, or untangling the last mess they always seem to make. When I watch them land a good fish I get the same feeling I did when I did well in a tournament.

My grandson asked me one day “how many people have you taught to fish”. I was a little troubled by my answer “not many”. After about an hour of answering why not, him and I decided I would do more to share fifty years of trial and error learning. I have a vast array of knowledge on most species of fish and many differing bodies of water. Feel free to comment on the website, and request any topics you would like me to discuss.

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